In this research I study retrospective voting namely whether and how citizens use voting during elections to punish or reward their representatives. I focus specifically on the bias that citizens might have when evaluating the work of their representatives but also how political institutions moderate the working of the accountability mechanism. I tend to rely on existing datasets to answers research questions related to retrospective voting but I have designed new questions and survey experiments to go beyond what is currently already know from the existing literature.

Published papers

Plescia, Carolina, Sylvia Kritzinger, and Jae-Jae Spoon. 2022. "Who’s to Blame? How Performance Evaluation and Partisanship Influence Responsibility Attribution in Grand Coalition Governments." European Journal of Political Research 61(1): 660–677.

Plescia, Carolina, and Sylvia Kritzinger. 2022. "When marriage gets hard: Intra-coalition conflict and electoral accountability." Comparative Political Studies 55(1): 32–59.
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